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Gives you the basics of the language, enabling you to understand and express simple instructions, messages and opinions in a familiar context; give personal information and take part in brief, factual conversations on predictable topics; understand clear and simple texts including basic vocabulary; write simple sentences and short texts conveying personal information.

Consolidates and expands your language foundation, enabling you to understand and express information and opinions on familiar topics; follow and engage in simple everyday conversations; understand short texts including some unknown vocabulary; write simple texts on familiar topics and predictable matters.

Improves your ability to use the language more effectively, enabling you to understand and discuss familiar and some specialized topics with moderate fluency; understand general information and specific details in a range of texts and genres determining some unknown vocabulary from context; write clear, detailed paragraphs and other texts on general knowledge topics.

Perfects your ability to use the language accurately, naturally and confidently, enabling you to understand and discuss familiar topics and complex issues with fluency; understand a wide range of general and specialized authentic texts including complex vocabulary; write well-developed texts and essays displaying a range of vocabulary and sentence structure.

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